Guesstimating memory consumption of --fast-list

I'd like to copy the /home directory of a server to google drive.
There's approximately 300GB of files in /home and the server has 128 GB of ram.
How can I know if it is safe to use --fast-list? The documentation says that it will increase the memory consumption, but how much?
Is it a function of the number of files? Directories? inodes?

It is a property of the number of files only.

Use rclone size /home to tell you how many files there are.

As a rule of thumb expect about 1k memory usage per file very approximately.

If you want to find out more exactly, then download the latest beta and run rclone test memory


$ rclone -l test memory ~
2021/02/15 18:06:10 NOTICE: 1175288 objects took 328368648 bytes, 279.4 bytes/object
2021/02/15 18:06:10 NOTICE: System memory changed from 75908104 to 928049864 bytes a change of 852141760 bytes

You'll need to run it once for the source and once for the destination to get the full picture.

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