Graph api (microsoft)

hello to everyone;
as you see a lot of users generate topic about onedrive api request limit.
i just thinking about microsoft sharepoint or onedrive service.
i saw something on microsoft web page "graph api."

i read several documents and watch few videos about that and i guess we can generate api for access sharepoint or onedrive files.
so question is ; this api give us more resorse maybe we never see api request limit in the future? is that possible?
i am not sure, i just throw an idea about that.

i am very curious about your idea. just thorw :slight_smile:


rclone already uses the microsoft api+tokens for onedrive and sharepoint.

do you mean rclone is already a service built using graph api?

for most backends, cloud providers, rclone uses the official api.
google drive, backblaze, amazon s3, dropbox, box and so on....

for onedrive, that is documented here
"4. Under manage select API permissions, click Add a permission and select Microsoft Graph then select delegated permissions."

and are some screenshots from my microsoft onedrive account.