Grafana support?

I have a complex webapp and Drive is one way to backup some of my stuff there. However it would be nice to have rclone report it’s connection amount and current network usage to any Grafana compatible stat db (Prometheus or influxdb would be preferred).

Or can I already request these by polling the rest api?

You could pretty easily plug the data into netdata and graph it that way via Grafana. If you have rc enabled, you can poll the stats for the process running and report on that.

rclone rc core/stats
“bytes”: 61187954724,
“checks”: 0,
“deletes”: 0,
“elapsedTime”: 45358.820624171,
“errors”: 0,
“fatalError”: false,
“retryError”: false,
“speed”: 1348975.874637135,
“transfers”: 863

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Hey, do you have an plugin for netdata?

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