Got 12 errors while uploading from rclone to gdrive, how do i check which ones didnt upload?

Used Gui to transfer 60 gb of data on gdrive (encrypted)
currently its still transferring but i wanna know how to after its done uploading
gdrive says 27gb used but rclone says 40gb uploaded which 12 error, so that means some files failed to upload.
my question is, how do i check which files are left out since its all encrypted i cant check one on one

Likely rclone will retry and finish off those errors anyway a bit later.

The best way to check is with rclone check or just run the transfer again - it won’t upload stuff it has already uploaded.

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Hello, thanks for the reply. I’ll wait for it to auto finish the errors,
I tried rclone check but i cant seem to make it work.
rclone check C:/LaptopBackups/Laptop backups/phone gdrivephonecryptnames:/

i think it fails cus theres a space in laptop backups.
gdrivephonecryptnames is the remote name

Thank you, as you said its automatically trying to reupload those errors. hopefully this thread helps others