Goolge and new regions

Hello: How can we use rclone version linux, to be used with Google Cloud Storage in the regions of South America (SaoPablo and Chile). Please some simple solution or failing that if you know if you plan to add the missing regions. Thanks a lot

Feel free to submit a PR for your request.


I'm sorry, could you explain to me what a PR is?
Thank you

PR - pull request

IF there a new endpoints you'd like added and doing a PR is beyond your scope, you can always just open up a request for what you want added here:

Issues ยท rclone/rclone (

And share what are the endpoints you want added that are new.

I see:

Choose a number from below, or type in your own value.
 1 / Empty for default location (US)
   \ ""
 2 / Multi-regional location for Asia
   \ "asia"
 3 / Multi-regional location for Europe
   \ "eu"
 4 / Multi-regional location for United States
   \ "us"
 5 / Taiwan
   \ "asia-east1"
 6 / Hong Kong
   \ "asia-east2"
 7 / Tokyo
   \ "asia-northeast1"
 8 / Mumbai
   \ "asia-south1"
 9 / Singapore
   \ "asia-southeast1"
10 / Sydney
   \ "australia-southeast1"
11 / Finland
   \ "europe-north1"
12 / Belgium
   \ "europe-west1"
13 / London
   \ "europe-west2"
14 / Frankfurt
   \ "europe-west3"
15 / Netherlands
   \ "europe-west4"
16 / Iowa
   \ "us-central1"
17 / South Carolina
   \ "us-east1"
18 / Northern Virginia
   \ "us-east4"
19 / Oregon
   \ "us-west1"
20 / California
   \ "us-west2"

What is missing based on their info?

Global Locations - Regions & Zones | Google Cloud

I already added an issue on github, I hope to have a quick response since it is very useful for us.

Have no experience with GCS myself, but isn't this simply a configuration value... You should be allowed to enter your own value, and are not restricted to the list:

or type in your own value.

What if you write the text southamerica-east1 or southamerica-west1 when asked about location during the process of creating your rclone remote?

Hello albertony:

That's right, I wrote the text of the region and it didn't give me an error. I will complete the tests to make sure it works properly and then confirm whether it works properly or not.

Provided you got the name right it should definitely work.

I've made a beta with an updated list on the github page

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