Google Workspace over limit

Hi guys,

today I woke up with an Email from Google telling me that my Google Workspace account is over storage limit and it will be frozen after 60days until I reduce the amount to comply with the 5TB/user.

Have been using this for years now and nothing really changed on my side.
Anyone else got that as well?

Seems like Google is starting to enforce their rules... :-/

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Got the same Mail today.
Time to switch to Dropbox Advanced.

Yeah, see also here:

Want another user?

I am at a loss here. Do we all have to start by copying our data out of GSuite ? I woke to this email as well.

@Animosity022 is usually an angel from heaven when things don’t work as expected. I believe they use GSuite as well.

Has anyone posted a Dropbox Advanced guide yet? I’ve been using GSuite for 5 years and had no issues until today.

I moved to Dropbox quite some time ago and haven't looked back. Once the daily upload and download quotas annoyed me too much. I've had no issues with Dropbox as I've been using them for about 16 months now.

For reference, this is what the email looks like.

Wonderful ! I’ll look into it. Would you recommend RClone sync to accomplish the move over ? Thank you @Animosity022 !!!

That's up to you as I just did a rclone move and emptied my Drive out and added anything 'new' to Dropbox.

You get about 9-10TB download a day with Google so plan accordingly.


@Animosity022 Luckily I only have about 30 TB on GSuite.

I’ll have to sign up for Dropbox and add three user accounts I suppose? Any other red flags during your experience?

I've had no issues or problems in my 16ish or so months.

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I’ll start the move over and maybe create a new topic if I hit any road blocks. Thank you, as always, for your help.

Did you found any good tech “howto” in regards how o move data from gdrive to dropbox with rclone (the best way)? Or how you plan to move?

I haven’t. I’ve been an RClone user for about five years. If @Animosity022 recommends the move command I’ll probably use it for batches of files and set a max flag for certain parameters (e.g. 5 TB to ensure Google doesn’t block). While Dropbox doesn’t block uploads, Google does block downloads.

There doesn’t appear to be another workable “unlimited” solution in the cloud space right now. I love it because I live in a tiny space and use a Mac Mini for a server and it works well. But this was the risk we all ran. Luckily, there’s a vibrant community that’s can find ways to keep self hosting going.

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@Animosity022 Process started! Did you set any flags for move to keep track of that 5 TB limit? I am nervous about using move so I’ve been manually using copy for items but that’s slow and tedious. Any tips ?

Hi ! Same mail received Yesterday. Do you want another user ?

Some more images as reference.

Suggestion on buying more storage.

This one has been showing for almost half a year, but I still added it.

I didn't receive an e-mail, but I see this message on my admin dashboard.

Also, when mounting rclone, it looks different.
This is my current mount (from a couple weeks ago):

This is what my new mounts look like:

Seeing in one screenshot that you have 15TB of storage, so do you have 3 users?

Yes I was paying for additional users to setup more servers, removing them as we speak. So it will go down to 5TB.

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I have around 155tb on my workspace enterprise account, 1 user. Since even 5 users is not unlimited anymore, I'm moving everything into Dropbox Advanced as we speak, 3 users licences. So, it's a big price increase, but I can take the hit so, let's go. Btw, thx again to all rclone people, making this kind of migration pretty easy.

Oh btw, in the mail they said that in 60 days, the account will be in read only, but some functions already are (like I can't sync google photo anymore).