Google Photos vs iCloud check


I am new on this community and heard about rclone only today although I’ve been using clouds for a decade! I hope that I’m writing in the right section but please let me know if not!

Before I get too excited and install rclone, I would first like to summarise why I need this! After months (if not years) of looking! So apologies already for the long post!

My objective is to gather all my photos into one and single place on a HDD, with one backup in the cloud (preferably iCloud but I’m open).

Currently my photos (including Live Photos) and videos (mp4, mpg, etc) are saved in multiple places as follows:

  • most of pictures before 2008 are on Google drive and on an external HDD;
  • my pictures between 2008 and today are, for most of it, both on iCloud and Google photos.

Could you please let me know whether:

  • rclone could help me transfer all my iCloud and Google photos and videos to one place while (i) keeping the metadata’s, (ii) keeping the Live Photos, and (iii) letting me know which are duplicates?
  • rclone could transfer all the photos that are in Google photos to my iCloud Photos?

Thank you very much for your help and happy new year!!!

hello and welcome to the forum

this has been discusedd a number of times in the forum.

rclone does not support icloud but supports many other protocols.
if icloud supports webdav/ftp/sftp/http protocols, then rclone can use that.

one possible workaround; if apple makes an app to install on your computer, that mounts icloud as a local drive letter.
rclone could work with that.

could use rclone to download from gphotos and use icloud tool to upload to icloud.

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