Google Photos painfully slow

Using the new Google Photos backend when syncing is super slow - for example

rclone sync dgphotos:media/by-month/2019/2019-10/ syncy/ --stats-one-line -P --stats 5s
864.257k / 864.257 kBytes, 100%, 6.737 kBytes/s, ETA 0s (xfr#11/110)

If I copy....much faster
rclone copy dgphotos:media/by-month/2019/2019-10/20191003_091548.mp4 . --stats-one-line -P --stats 5s
75.185M / 75.185 MBytes, 100%, 3.543 MBytes/s, ETA 0s

I have plenty of bandwidth and use 1.50 with my own client keys - do you experience the same? Anything I can do to speed that up?


I suspect this is google photos being slow...

The latencies on google photos are quite bad

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