Google Photos Displays 0 Byte Files. Can't Open them

Am trying to mount (and eventually sync Google Photos on Linux Mint). I am able to see the folder structure. I am able to display the file structure, and also see the files, but they appear in my file system with zero bytes. I am unable to open any of the items.

My rclone.conf doesn't have anything special in it, except the readonly flag, which I 've tried with -true and =false.

If I do a tree, I see all the files listed.

This is what I see on in terminal.

kenny@X2Prime:~$ rclone mount GPhotos: /media/kenny/GPhotos
2019/08/29 08:20:55 ERROR : media/all/: Entry doesn't belong in directory "media/all" 
(same as directory) - ignoring

rclone version is what?

Can you run the same command with -vv and share the full log?

rclone v1.49.0
- os/arch: linux/amd64
- go version: go1.12.9

Syntax please on the -vv flag

This is mentioned in the docs

The Google Photos API does not return the size of media. This means that when syncing to Google Photos, rclone can only do a file existence check.

It is possible to read the size of the media, but this needs an extra HTTP HEAD request per media item so is very slow and uses up a lot of transactions. This can be enabled with the --gphotos-read-size option or the read_size = true config parameter.

If you want to use the backend with rclone mount you will need to enable this flag otherwise you will not be able to read media off the mount.

Try it, it should work. However I think it will be really slow so probably not recommended.

So it seems you are saying that if I want to have the files available for reading/viewing locally, then mount is impractical? and then I would want to sync instead?

I really just want to have an ongoing back up of my Google Photos.

rclone sync /home/local/image remote:album/newAlbum

Is there a way to force a one-way sync whereby Google Photos is always the master and my local machine just gets updated?

That will backup to your google photos - is that what you wanted?

sync is always only one way.

You can use mount, but a local copy will work better.

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