Google photos behaviour changed?

I have been using the following script to sync recent upload to Google Photos to my syncthing setup, this allows me to always have recent photos available on my desktop.

rclone copy -vv --max-age 2h --no-traverse --fast-list Gphotos:media/by-month /mnt/fast/cache/gphotos --log-file=rclone.log

Since recently, it's not working anymore. I can't find any errors in the debug log either, it's just no longer finding the photos. Perhaps max-age does no longer work? I don't know, anyone have any clue?

The modification time of google photos is the creation time of the photo.

You can use rclone lsl to check the times are what you expect.

Failing recently makes me wonder if it started to go wrong when the clocks changed?

I think it's been failing a bit longer than that, a few weeks at least. Also since I use -2h, that would be very odd regardless.

I guess it might have been a change at Google Photos... Maybe you could try some tests uploading some images and see what rclone date is compared to the image date and its exif created date?

I just tried it and it seems to work for me.

I uploaded a brand new file, then ran:

rclone lsl -vv --max-age 2h --no-traverse --fast-list Gphotos:media/by-month --log-file=rclone.log


2020/04/10 18:11:36 DEBUG : 2020/2020-04/IMG_1973.JPG: ModTime:
2020/04/10 18:11:36 DEBUG : 2020/2020-04/IMG_1973.JPG: >ModTime:
2020/04/10 18:11:36 DEBUG : 2020/2020-04/IMG_1973.JPG: Size:
2020/04/10 18:11:36 DEBUG : 2020/2020-04/IMG_1973.JPG: >Size:
2020/04/10 18:11:36 DEBUG : 2020/2020-04/IMG_1973.JPG: Excluded

Doesn't seem to help me much, is the command wrong?

How did you upload the file?

Using Google Photos app on IOS

Rclone should have produced some output showing dates and sizes of files? That won't have gone in the log.

Can you check the date here against the date you are expecting.

Sorry for the slow reply, but the command does not create any output other than what I pasted:

[18:19 redbull@hlin ~] > rclone lsl -vv --max-age 2h --no-traverse --fast-list Gphotos:media/by-month --log-file=rclone.log
[18:20 redbull@hlin ~] >

Am I doing it wrong then?

Did you look at the log? You specified a log.

Well, I posted the log above, and then ncw replied: "That won't have gone in the log."... so now I'm even more confused.

I think he meant to compare the dates between rclone lsf date, exif date (won't have gone in the log) and image dates.

Hmm well the lsf command doesn't help me much:

[19:33 xx@hlin ~] > rclone lsf --format "tsp" -vv --max-age 2h Gphotos:media/by-month
2020/04/18 19:33:21 DEBUG : --max-age 2h0m0s to 2020-04-18 17:33:21.462923589 +0200 CEST m=-7199.991339980
2020/04/18 19:33:21 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.50.2" starting with parameters ["rclone" "lsf" "--format" "tsp" "-vv" "--max-age" "2h" "Gphotos:media/by-month"]
2020/04/18 19:33:21 DEBUG : Using config file from "/home/xx/.config/rclone/rclone.conf"
2020/04/18 19:33:21 DEBUG : Google Photos path "media/by-month": List: dir=""
2020/04/18 19:33:21 DEBUG : Google Photos path "media/by-month": >List: err=
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2000/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2001/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2002/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2003/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2004/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2005/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2006/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2007/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2008/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2009/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2010/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2011/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2012/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2013/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2014/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2015/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2016/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2017/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2018/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2019/
2020-04-18 19:33:21;-1;2020/

That's saying it's not finding any pictures. It's an empty listing. So there's no pictures less than 2 hours old. So you think there is?

Why don't you look at the latest pictures in 2020 and compare all the dates.

Managed to fix it!


rclone copy --max-age 2h --no-traverse Gphotos:media/by-month /mnt/fast/cache/gphotos


rclone copy --max-age 2h --no-traverse Gphotos:media/by-month/2020 /mnt/fast/cache/gphotos

Made it work.

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