Google photos: add features/favorites directory

In the Google Photos app there is a “Star” icon that you can press on a photo to mark a photo as a favorite. Further, inside the app all of the photos that have been “Starred” appear in an Album called “Favorites”.

However! This isn’t a normal album via the Google Photos API. Instead, it is a special “Feature” in the API.

I think that rclone should offer a new “feature/favorites” folder that will enable folks to backup this album as well.

Alternatives considered:

  1. Mirror the Google Photos app and just call this a album or in rclone call it “album/favorites”. I don’t think this is a good plan because then we have to special case something if a user creates an album called favorites.

This would be relatively easy to add... Rclone makes a synthetic directory structure for google photos anyway - adding another say /media/starred would fit into the framework...

Do you want to have a go at this?

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Implemented this feature. PR is up.


Merged into the latest beta :slight_smile: Thank you!

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