Google Drive + Which other provider for redundancy?

Hey fellow cloners,

I’ve currently got all my data up in Google Drive (Approximately 10.3TB at the moment). I am however a little concerned that without 5 valid users on GSuite, Google may turn around tomorrow and cease offering the “unlimited” option to me.

With that in mind, I have 2 options.

Either accept a local storage backup on JBOD’s, Or try and find a secondary cloud storage provider. The issue i’m having is that there doesn’t seem to be much on offer at an acceptable price point as a secondary backup.

Naturally as it would be the second provider it would be write once, read almost never, But would do me a world of good with peace of mind.

With the above in consideration, What are you guys using as your layer of backup/redundancy (if any)?

I have an “always on” system at my house so i could run it out of there if totally necessary, but interested to see if there is another way i haven’t yet considered.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m a bit in the same situation soon. Actually I have only one valid user in G Suite. But hitting the 10 TB mark soon. So I was wondering if they cut me out if I’m not going to add 4 other virtual dummy users.

So I’m interested in the experience of some others as well.

I have 12,4TB on gdrive/gsuite

80 TB with one user on of my gdrives, not worried.

For the record gents, I’m not as concerned with the volume of data i have on GDRIVE as i am their ability to change the terms and conditions on a whim. Ultimately I’m interested in the discussion revolving around having redundancy in 2 or more systems. I don’t really care how fault tolerant one platform is, in my opinion it is unwise to place all your faith in 1 provider and 1 provider alone.

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In terms of redundancy, I have an 18TB NAS at home which is my primary storage, and then I rclone that up to GDrive for mobile availability and cloud backup. That way all my stuff is safe and local, but in the case of a house fire, catastrophic multi-HDD failure or whatever, I can restore from GDrive.

I only have a couple of TB of data on GDrive, but after the ACD debacle I’m taking no chances that GSuite will suddenly enforce their T&C limits, so I have a ‘proper’ paid GDrive account (not GSuite). If I get much above 2TB, I’ll probably just pay for a 5-user GSuite account, as it’ll be cheaper than the next tariff band (10TB / $79pcm). That said, the hassle of moving my existing GMail/Google accounts to GSuite is probably going to prevent that.

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same here. round about 78 TB with one person. Works great, no problem