Google Drive: users can't delete shared files they don't own, unless it's a "Shared drive" (do not confuse it with "Shared with me")

This topic is just to state something I think isn't explained clearly. Not sure if I chose the right tag.

I was a GSuite/Workspace customer, was hit by the 5TB storage limit and migrated to a different provider. But I still needed to share some data in good and easy access/UI, so for these I subscribed the cheaper Google One family 2TB plan, which is like a basic Google Drive just with 2TB instead of the free 15GB.

Today, after some weeks, I just saw some

Couldn't delete: googleapi: Error 403: The user does not have sufficient permissions for this file., insufficientFilePermissions*"

errors in rclone log and, after some reading and testing, realized that Google Drive - not Workspace - doesn't suit my needs.

The limitation is: for content in "Shared with me" (do not confuse with *Shared drives", these work fine but you need Workspace plan), users can only delete items they are owners, even if they have permission to edit/upload/move ("Editor").

So if you intend to have, for instance, a family shared folder that any member can edit, including delete, you can't use Google Drive unless it's a Workspace plan.

If you have write permission but aren't the owner of the file and try to delete it with rclone, it will fail as in the log above. If you try the same in Google Drive webpage, Remove button is weirdly available, but what it actually does is to move the item to root folder of Google Drive's owner.

So if file was uploaded by user A in a shared folder and deleted by user B, it will disappear from the shared folder but will unexpectedly be available in root "My Drive" of user A. So it's not actually a deletion.

There are some topics about this issue, like this one, and I guess the uncertainty in replies reinforces the lack of clarity in this matter. Given that Google isn't clear enough, maybe it's worth write a line in rclone's Google Drive doc.

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