Google Drive upload limits & automating uploads of existing files

So I'm currently in the planning/initial setup phase of moving my plex server from windows 10 to an ubuntu 18 setup. I currently have ~80TB in google drive mounted with netdrive3 and another ~80TB locally. I've been slowly (and manually) moving everything to the cloud. My initial plan was to wait until I finish the move to setup the new server but doing some recent reading I'm wondering if I can efficiently make the change now.

My primary question and concern is how to continue moving the local files to the cloud. Looking at @Animosity022 github was helpful and I see that he uses a nightly upload that is capped at 700gb to avoid the limit. Would this work in my setup to not only continue uploading new files downloaded but as space is allowed in the limit to upload the remaining local files as well?

I guess what I'm envisioning is the rclone gdrive mounted with the local drives in mergerfs with a matching file structure and it automatically every night takes and uploads 700gb off of the local drives? I have gigabit internet and can exceed the 750gb limit in uploads easily.

Would this work and/or is there anything I'm totally overlooking here?

Thanks in advance for any advice

Seems to be logical from what I am reading.

mergerfs works well to combine a local disk and the rclone mount to make things very seamless for Plex and other apps.

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