Google Drive: Update folder mtime when files within the folder change

Does anyone know of a solution to google drive in that the folder modification times don’t update when uploading new files to directories. I changed from ACD to Google some time ago and this is something which has bugged me ever since (as it did this on ACD). Is there a flag to get rclone to do this, or does anyone have any smart way of having this happen post upload? I saw some talk of someone renaming the directory, and then back again but this seems a bit inefficient.

It causes issues with some applications that use folder mtime to determine whether files have changed, and it’s also useful to see at a glance when traversing directories manually.

There is an issue about getting rclone to sync the modified times of folders - I can’t find it at the moment! That would be a solution for you.

@ncw that one perhaps? Incidentally I had posted there as well. It was marked ‘Soon’ in September :slight_smile:

Thanks for finding the issue!

So little time, so many issues :wink:

Seriously If you fancied helping with this issue (or any other) I’d be over the moon!