Google Drive Unlimited alternative

Probably you heard that Google Drive Unlimited will end in 2021. Have you got any other Unlimited alternative? Dropbox has unlimited plan but it has up to 10TB and you can't cross this threshold.
Any ideas?

There is Jottacloud. Quite cheap I think: €7,5/month. Unlimited storage, but has quite aggressive upload speed reduction from 5TB, so not really unlimited.. 8 Mbit/s at 10TB, 0.5 Mbit/s at 20TB.

Read the article again! It says EDUCATION storage.
That means you $5 ebay gdrive account

This is still extremely unclear...

So do you think that only enterprise workspaces plan will have unlimited?

I think until end of 2021...all google drive accounts regardless of edition will never be unlimited again.
Enterprise might be only option only if google don't enforce limits..but with all this changes it is hard to expect that they will not enforce it.