Google Drive: unauthorized_client

I just started using Google Drive w/ Rclone, and I keep having to recreate the token for rclone config for all my servers. It seems like it is only lasting one hour, then I have to go into rclone config and make a new one.

How do I prevent this from happening so I don’t have to keep reconfiguring rclone with a new token?

EDIT: Seems to happen less when I remove custom client ID, but it still is happening.

rclone should refresh the tokens for you automatically.

Double check your custom application id and client id

I have the same problem with Google Drive, I get the unauthorized client error very frequently when trying to copy a file from one GDrive to another GDrive. And

This is true.

However if I run first

rclone ls GDrive:

Then stop it as soon as it starts to list the files
and then run the copy command again, I don’t get the unauthorized client error.

It works fine initially but then stops. It seems using custom id causes it to happen more frequently. When I switched them all back to not using custom ID it hasn’t been happening.

Same problem here. With a custom id I keep getting 401 Unauthorized responses after a couple of hours.
That means that using a custom id is not an option…

This was happening to me when I was installing rclone in a different location than /usr/bin/
and it couldn’t update the oath.
Now it has never happened to me again.

Now I see the problem. It’s just that with “rclone config” if I edit the google drive remote adding a client_id and a client_secret that are not saved in the config file. I edited the config file by hand and now it works.

There has been a problem with rclone losing custom IDs - that is now fixed in the latest beta though.