Google Drive Trash

is there anyway to mount the good drive trash bin? I use it to delete stuff but once in awhile i delete something by accident and then can’t find the file cause all my files are encrypted, is there any way to mount the trash bin so i could have a trash bin unencrypted folder in my linux system?

Not currently.

You could try recompiling rclone with this patch which will show you only stuff in the trash.

diff --git a/drive/drive.go b/drive/drive.go
index 5e32f2be..24eb84de 100644
--- a/drive/drive.go
+++ b/drive/drive.go
@@ -215,6 +215,7 @@ type listFn func(*drive.File) bool
 func (f *Fs) list(dirID string, title string, directoriesOnly bool, filesOnly bool, includeTrashed bool, fn listFn) (found bool, err error) {
 	var query []string
+	includeTrashed = true
 	if !includeTrashed {
 		query = append(query, "trashed=false")

For some reason i am not able to get it to build, would you mind just making a google trash build and I’ll test it? If it makes a difference in am on debian jessie 64bit

OK I added a new flag for you - find it in this beta.

  --drive-trashed-only                Only show files that are in the trash (uploaded in 15-30 mins)

I think it will probably work sensibly (crosses fingers!)

not so sure i am using it right

/usr/bin/rclone mount Google:/NAS /diskpool/.trash/ --drive-trashed-only --allow-non-empty --allow-other --umask 22

is the base folder before all my encrypted stuff

Now in the trash bin i have a few files none seem to show, now if I swap to the root one 1 out of the bunch shows.

Any thoughts on this?

Hmm. I can replicate this too. Can you make a please make a new issue on github please so I don’t forget about it. Thanks.