Google Drive: Token has been expired or revoked

So I am getting the above error after a while.

But I believe I am creating problems for myself just based on something Nick said on another user post who is/was having the same problem.

I have copied my config from a standard user on Linux, to the root user also, and I also use the same config on two Windows desktops.

I'm also using the same OAuth Credentials in more than one config setup in the rclone config.

Should every machine and every config setup in the rclone config file really have there own credentials and not share them?

might try
rclone config reconnect nameofyourremote: -vv
just change nameofyourremote: to the name of your remote

@asdffdsa Thanks for the reply, although not really what I was asking.

That message is displayed in the DEBUG output so I kinda knew that.

It's annoying having to do that every week 15+ times (although I never actually do that as I forget and only realise when I come to do something and the error pops up)

My question was about sharing the credentials across multiple config files, and also across multiple remotes setup in the config files.

@ncw Maybe you'd have some time to share some knowledge/thoughts on this question?

There's no issue sharing configs as I do that all the time.

If you are renewing once a week, it would an issue with the the client ID/secret you have setup or something else changed. Sharing a Google config is no issues.

Tokens expiring every day usually means that the client_id you made hasn't been put into production I think.

Its definitely a problem with the client_id.

Oh I am not renewing once a week, what I meant by that was I expect I would of needed to do that if I was using it every week. Some remotes are used very rarely, but when I seem to want to use them the token has expired, sometimes it can be several months between uses.

Thanks for the reply, it's definitely in production I just figured I was doing something I shouldn't just from a quote from you in my initial post.

I will do a reconnect command and see if it happens again.

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