Google Drive to Microsoft Sharepoint migration

I am trying to migrate data from free Google Drive to Microsoft Sharepoint.
There are over 550GB of "Shared with me" Google Drive documents to migrate, so i cannot just use Google Takeout (takeout doesnt export shared files)

I have tried to rclone copy the Google Drive to my computer first but it is taking a very long time (I think it might be the USB Hard Drive i am using). However there are no errors doing this method.

But when i try a rclone cloud to cloud copy

rclone copy "Google Drive:" "Microsoft Sharepoint:"

I get several errors like these

2019/06/14 10:40:23 ERROR : 121 BN Sales .xlsx: corrupted on transfer: sizes differ 9745 vs 17216
2019/06/14 10:40:23 INFO : 121 BN Sales .xlsx: Removing failed copy
2019/06/14 10:40:24 ERROR : 121 BN Sales .xlsx: Failed to copy: corrupted on transfer: sizes differ 9745 vs 17216

Is there a reason that these errors only occur when doing cloud to cloud and not when i do cloud to local?

I am trying to copy with --ignore-size and --ignore-checksum flags

Will this be okay?

These files have a somewhat indeterminate length (being google docs) so these kind of errors are expected. I have a feeling we put in a workaround for drive -> local disk, but I can't remember exactly what.

That should get the google docs copied.

I'd be tempted to do a first run without those flags but with --drive-skip-gdocs to get the non docs all copied over properly first.

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