Google drive to dropbox

Hi can someone please give some advice

I haven't used r clone but im wanting to move folders from google Drive to dropbox can this be done with r clone i have around 800tb

Thank you in advance

first step is to create and test a remote for each cloud provider
Google drive
very important, make sure to create your own ID, as per the instructions.

gdrive, can only download 10TB per 24 hour period.
rclone has a couple of ways to work with that.

if you a lot of small files, gdrive will be very slow

Thank you for the advice

if rclone is run on a local computer, that entire 800TB will have to transit thru that computer

some rcloners use a free google cloud compute virtual machine and run rclone on that.
there is no charge for ingress.

I have spoken to company who can get it all over in 2 days just waiting on a price really appreciate your advice

please let us know about that cost.

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