Google Drive Sync Public Folder

Is there anyway to download and sync a folder without logging in? The folder can be either publicly shared or shared “with anyone who has a link”. I want to be able to possibly set up multiple raspberry pi’s and it would be much easier to just paste in the shared link.

Maybe I’m missing something in the docs, any help would be appreciated.


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Yes I know that I can just download it, but I’m trying to do it on my raspberry pi and constantly pull in updates. When I try to create the setup with rclone config it requires me to login and grant access, which I don’t want to do.

There isn’t a way of doing that at the moment.

I’m not sure whether you can use the drive API on a public folder though - fancy doing a bit of documentation searching to see if that is or isn’t the case?

Essentially what we’d need for that to work is anonymous drive access.

You could also investigate the http remote but I have a feeling that google’s pages are likely to be 100% javascript so won’t work with it.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look into the http method

I could not find anything about sync but what I did find that you can download a whole public folder to local using goodls.

Basically it reads directory structure using Google drive API but download the files anonymously (without using API).

@ncw perhaps we can have something similar too?