Google Drive Support

Google announce new policy regarding sign-in method.

Maybe Google Drive support only googe app. and it's not able to access via 3rd party apps.
So now I want to know the impact for Rclone.

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Beginning September 30, 2024: third-party apps that use only a password to access Google Accounts and Google Sync will no longer be supported

What’s changing

As part of our commitment to user safety, Google Workspace will no longer support the sign-in method for third-party apps or devices that require users to share their Google username and password. This antiquated sign-in method, known as Less Secure Apps (LSAs), puts users at an additional risk since it requires sharing Google Account credentials with third-party apps and devices that can make it easier for bad actors to gain unauthorized access to your account. ....

rclone gdrive remote is not using LSAs so it is irrelevant. rclone is using OAuth.


Many thanks!!!!!