Google drive shortcuts and polling updates/cache

Quick question. Now that rclone supports following google drive shortcuts, how does that work in respect to polling for updates, VFS/dir cache, and rc commands?

E.g. Assuming the account I've mounted with has full access to all shortcuts - If I have:
GDrive: mounted to mnt/gdrive
And I have a shortcut in GDrive pointing to a TeamDrive, let's call it TD. So when mounted this respectively shows up at /mnt/gdrive/TD.

I assume VFS caching and such works the same as if the content were on my actual gdrive.

But when it comes to polling for updates, will a poll detect changes within the shortcuts as well? If no, how long does it take for rclone to repoll shortcuts?

Can rc refresh commands work with shortcut paths?

I'm asking because I've noticed shortcut paths don't update as quickly as actual drive mounted, regardless of poll times, so trying to determine if it's best to use separate mounts or if there are some switches/flags that I'm unaware of.

Thanks in advance!

Yes it does

Poll changes won't detect changes on a different drive - we only poll the base drive. Even if it was a shortcut within the same drive, I'm not sure whether the updates would work properly....

You'll be back to the standard VFS mechanism

  --dir-cache-time duration                Time to cache directory entries for. (default 5m0s)

Yes they should do - by the time the info gets to the VFS it doesn't know it is a shortcut.

I've not thought about shortcuts + polling before. It is amazing how invasive such a simple feature (shortcuts) has become in the rclone code!

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Thank you again! Sorry for all the questions, I just like to know the technical details of how stuff works. :slight_smile:

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