Google Drive Request API qouta, per email or per project or per service account?

I got the following setup.

Server 1: DEDI - Multiple Plex Servers, Sonarr/radarr uploads gdrive, and other apps sharing the same rclone mount. Google cloud project 1.
Server 2: VPS - One plex uses the rclone mount. Google cloud project 2.
Server 3: VPS - One plex uses the rclone mount. Google cloud project 3.

All sharing the same gsuite email/account.

I've noticed that when Server 1 gets an API ban, Server 2 and 3 goes down too. To check, I tried to copy a file stored in the drive on each linux server, what happened was input/output errors, which I believe happens when you get an API ban. I know server 1 will likely go down due to excessive programs using the same mount, not to mention lots of plex media scans. But the other separate servers, going down as well? So begs the question, is API requests quota for Google Drive

a. Per gsuite account/gmail
b. Per Project in google cloud
c. Per service account

Edit: I'm also thinking that they might just had problems simultaneously without connection to each other, plus I noticed the problem when Google had some outages with their systems two days ago. Another fact is that, I see that every Project has their own API Request Charts and they all have different data, so I'm really confused what happened.

Google don't make public how they do bans, but I would be surprised if it wasn't all 3 potentially.

Thanks for the reply.

Was hoping for someone who had done some tests on it. I'm testing if I would still get bans as I changed my current setup to,

Server 1: DEDI - 1 Project per plex instance, 1 project for all other programs
Server 2: VPS - Completely different email
Server 3: VPS - Completely different email

All sharing the same Team Drive

For now its working, but it hasnt been over 24hrs. Hoping for the best.

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