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I am new so please forgive my ignorance, but I am confused about the examples that I have seen with regard to uploading to google drive. For example, if I want to upload documents to gdrive, is there a difference between “rclone copy /path/to/files gdrive:documents” vs “rclone copy /path/to/files gdrive:/documents”? In short, I want to know if the slash before “documents” is needed or if there is a benefit to using or not using it. Thanks in advance for your help!

No. It's the same thing.

Edit: I'm not quite correct. Read further

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for onedrive, both would work.
but as per the documents.
this is preferred gdrive:documents

The full answer is it depends on the backend. Most backends don't care - I tend to leave it out. For example the SFTP backend sftp:file.txt will access file.txt in your home directory, but sftp:/file.txt will access /file.txt.

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