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Hi all,
I brought up Rclone successfully to use it on a headless server and set up a Google API OAuth 2.0-Client-ID.

'rclone lsd :' works very well and next step would be to fill in the Oauth consent screen since the received client-ID kicks the bucket after a very short test period. But I hit a snag trying to fill in this Oauth consent:

The screen asks for an 'App Domain' (application homepage, application privacy policy link and application terms of service link) as well as an 'Authorized Domain'.

I don't run any webserver and got no clue what to enter here...
Happy for any hint - Cheers

OK, wait! I became enlighted! :slight_smile: When picking Gdrive into my newly created Project, I loaded rights for 'sensitive data' onto the Oauth! This caused all this trouble. Removed this rights and my client-id and secret remains 'production' instead of expiring. Works fine now!

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Aw, crap! The token expired again! What I did: gathered a token without my client-id and client-secret in the rclone.conf (using rclone's client-id) and after receiving a token, I inserted my client-id and client-secret into rclone.conf. Works for an hour or so...

Now I'm tired of hacking the access to my Google drive or renewing tokens all the time! Will move all my data to Mega Store and say goodby to Google Drive. After decades of use!

You don't need to set up your own client_id - it is recommended but rclone will work using its internal client_id just a bit slower.

Are you following the instructions here: ?

This is what rclone's looks like BTW - feel free to copy that

Nick, thanks a lot! Will give it a try. Cheers.

have you considered using a service file instead of oauth?
then no problems with tokens....

I can't figure out what you are trying to do. I've used

My oAuth is set to Internal:


You only get oAuth requests when you have a new user come by, which I've haven't setup in months/years.

The renewal of a token is common in any cloud backend as they expire and need to be refreshed. I've never seen a problem with it.

My edit app is completely blank as well since it's all internal and not used.

this are not working anymore

If you have any corrections or something that needs to change, please elaborate and it can be updated.

@ Animosity022: I can't switch the usertype to 'internal' since I'm not a GSuite user.

@albgen: I agree. These instructions are obsolete, specifically @balazer's contribution. One can setup a client-id and the secret (without scoping sensitive data to the newly registered app), but it expires after an hour. So, the next step would be to load some scope of sensitive data onto the registered app to go thru the 'domain verification' process where you have to give 'App domains' and 'Authorised domain' -which I will try next (Thanks Nick!). One more thing: I'm afraid, this verification process is not for free, costs you something around $70. Correct me, if I'm wrong.

Ah! And a happy new year to y'all :-))

Some details.

So you are a non GSuite user connecting to a non GSuite Google Drive? Is that the use case you have?

Tokens refresh every hour but your 'constent' / login should not refresh every hour so not sure what the actual issue is.

Well, hovering over the 'Make internal' text it shows me:

"Because you're not a G Suite user, you can only make your app available to external (general audience) users."

Funny, isn't it?

Funny like how you missed my actual question?

I'm aware of that as I have a non GSuite account as well and you can't consent until it's approved which is why I am asking for your use case.

The process looks correct to me and is documented on the Rclone Drive page as seen here:

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