Google Drive multiple account best practices

Here's my situation - I have wife, kids and other family members each with their own Google Drives. So, think me-at-gmail , wife-at-gmail , kid1-at-gmail , kid2-at-gmail , bro-at-gmail etc. I wanna periodically sync all their drive accounts to my external disk once a while.

What is the best practice here? Do I create a single Google Drive project, say in my account, and then use the oauth2 mechanism to allow my app (the app from my account) to see all their drives, or should I create separate apps in each of their account and have each account's google drive visible only to the app associated with that particular account? What are the pros and cons of each?

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not an expert at gdrive but i know that one gdrive acccount can share it contents with another gdrive account.

Thank you, that is definitely one option. The problem is the are a lot of files and folders at the root drive, it would be difficult to share all of them.

I will keep that in mind as a last resort, but I would also like some guidance from folks who are familiar with the GDrive API and if it makes more sense to have all accounts allow a single app, or each account have its own app

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