Google drive is nerfing service accounts?

I have a 5 TB folder I have been trying to download to my disk for like 3 days. The files were uploaded a few days ago, never used at all.

Trying to download them with service accounts always give a 403 errors... but then right now, I just stopped using a service account and used my "real" account credentials...and I'm downloading like I always did before.

Any ideas if google is having something weird or are they killing service accounts? :frowning:

Same is happening with me. if i dont use service accounts i can clone 750gb and its working but as soon as i add service accounts it gives this error. I hope anyone can help or give us some info about this error.

It is NOT related to service account.
Google applied a new server side copy/copy limit for the OWNER.
Other account cannot server side copy/copy after owner's quota exceed (XTB)

The 403 User rate limited error also give to normal account, not exclusive to service account.

There is no news/document for the new limit, you can test by yourself.
Remember do not expect Google will have detailed documents all the time.
Google also did not provide any details when they just applied 750GB/account.

Then why this happened to files that didn't got download 2 tb per file? Unless google is counting just requesting the file and reading small chunks as 1 download

sir it happening with fresh uploaded file. the file has not been downloaded evern once in the last 24 hrs

I never said "per file"

I'm not getting any errors with Rclone, but for the past few days I have not been able to upload close to 750GB per day. Today, for example, it stopped at 708GB. Anyone else experiencing this?

Edit: And yeah, I just realized this has nothing to do with service accounts.

so the limit is per account ?

I still have the issue where my main acc can download the files just fine, but the service accounts can't.

It seems the limits are lower for service accounts, but higher for real accounts

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