Google Drive Impersonation


I am in the middle of a migration off of Google Drive and to OneDrive. All of my data has already been moved with a few exceptions, one of those being spam/malware files. I'm trying to figure out how to get another users files as currently I'm only seeing my own.

rclone -v --drive-impersonate lsf nb-drive:

Running this only shows my own contents and I cannot find the users I am looking for. In the end I will new to copy their data down with something similar to this

rclone -v --drive-impersonate --acknowledgeAbuse true nb-drive:

EDIT: I should add that rclone is configured using the drive api and a client-id with secret key.

Did you make a service account? I don't think you can use --drive-impersonate without.

I hadn't, and just actually got this working about 10 minutes ago, so I am all set now, thank you!

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