Google drive flag to stop on download limit

Is there a flag like --drive-stop-on-upload-limit but to instead for download limit ?

Yes, replace the world upload with download:

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Did google change the limits again?

I'm trying to download a 50 TB team drive, not used for anything by weeks, and I'm getting download error quotas with different SAs on files that were never touched for weeks

Sorry as I don't use Teamdrives nor service accounts as I just use a single drive with my user and I don't download much.

I'm not aware of any published quotas for download as the upload 750GB is the only thing I'm aware that Google publishes.

How much are you able to download? I was under the impression that there is a 10TB daily download limit, regardless of the type of drive.

Like @Animosity022, I have also never used team drives nor service accounts. I don't download outside of streaming either.

would be helpful for some debug logs with the exact errors.

you posted that the error was The download quota for this file has been exceeded

if you hit the gdrive total download limit, there should be a different error message.

I get the download quota for this file has been exceeded, for all files. Even using a different SA that didn't download anything, and even if the files were never accessed at all before...

I managed to download I don't know...maybe like 30 TB in a day from the team drive with a bunch of SAs before this started happening

well, despite using multiple SA, you have hit one of the many undocumented gdrive quota limits.

nothing rclone can do about that....

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