Google Drive expiration

Each time I renew the rclone association with Google Drive it seems to have a short expiration. I tried switching to my own client_id and the issue still remains. I seem to recall it would give me around 24 hours expiration, but just now when I tried to renew it to refresh my memory before I posted here, it gave me about 3 extra hours. Effectively making rclone with google drive unusable.

See the attached two expirations from original vs the second one which is when I renewed it just now. The expirations are from the .rclone.conf file.

I see that the tokens live for 1 hour normally.

That is the bit I don’t understand - rclone should refresh the token as it goes along.

What error messages do you see?

Is the clock on your computer correct?

Seems to be my mis-understanding. It is working just fine. I think it was some combination of a bug in a script I had and that I was reading into the meaning of the expiration too much without an understanding of what it meant.

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