Google Drive encrypted share not being created

Hi guys. I am running unraid and using an rclone plugin to create rclone remotes and sync. I’m primarily using google drive at the moment. I’m having an issue however when trying to create an encrypted share on my google remote. Everything appears to be setting up correctly, but when I exit the rclone config utility and run “rclone lsd google:” my encrypted directory is not there. The name of my google share is “google” and the encrypted remote I’m attempting to create is “google:secure”. Any ideas?

If you configured a crypt remote then you still need to mkdir the directory on the google side (rclone mkdir google:secure). Now the crypt remote will go into that directory properly.

Thank you for the response. That indeed fixed my problem. The guide I was watching made no mention of the mkdir portion of that, but it makes complete sense. Thanks again.