Google drive dleeting my files please help!

ok so last week i tried sharing an encrypted folder on Gdrive with a friend. This folder had over 1 million files in it (mostly small ones). While sharing I was experiencing some odd behaivor with rclone mount and google drive as a whole. I late rofund out that Google share ddrives, along with shared folders have a 400,000 file limit. So i cancelled all sharing (I THINK) and went about my day. However about a day late ri noticed certain things missing or syncs, sncing things that should have been already synced. Or automatic downloads happening for things that shouldnt have been upgraded.

So last night i found out that the files are actually being taken off of my google drive.

Today I found even more missing. I know that those files were available last night.

My question is why ar ethey getting deleted. IS it Google? Is it just the fact that I shared them. Is it the person i share dthem with deleted them on the way out?


rclone mount does not download anything on its own.

A shared drive has a file limit.

A regular drive that you are sharing doesn't have that.

Odds are your friend deleted something or something along those lines.

I don't think Google would delete files. Did you check your trash?