Google Drive Daily Upload Limiter?

I’d really like to see an upload limiter switch where we could do a mount, with cache, and reduce functionality to read-only once a certain number of GB is reached. Personally, I’d set that for myself at 700GB just to be on the safe side, but others would go right to the edge of 749GB, I’m sure.

Maybe there could even be a little logic that said something like “if the next file in line is too big to upload and stay under the limit, skip and upload the next smaller one; repeat”. Of course, you’d need a little verbiage in the log to indicate that the upload limit would be exceeded by uploading this file, as well as an eta to being able to upload it again, eg, t - 24 hours. I’m sure something like this would almost cure a lot of the bans that have been happening.

I, myself have been using the mount with cache to upload to the cloud, and limiting my uploading by limiting my downloading, but I have very little self control, and sometimes still go over.

There is an issue for this:

I’ll try to get this done for 1.41 time permitting!