Google Drive daily limit download

maybe daily limit google drive or google gsuite business
Upload: 750 GB
Download: 10 TB

i want know 10TB download just local ? or again share public with visitors download.

Any download for anything via the API is considered a download. If you share it, that counts too.

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Thank you sir,
Limit 10TB Download per day, is apply also for Free account Google drive 15GB
or just with Team Drive (Gsuite)

The limits to the best of my knowledge are for the API. It's pretty tough to download 10TB a day.

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I think the limits are the same for all Gdrives, be they free personal accounts, Teamdrives or Gsuite.
That said - what use would you have in downloading 10TB if you can only store 15GB? :smiley:

If you are going to share files (a lot) then be aware that there are some limits on how many times a file can be downloaded in a certain time. I don't know the exact numbers here, but I have hear that you may begin to see errors if you have around 60-80 downloads of the same file in about an hour. I haven't verified or tested this - just read it in some reddit threads at some point.

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Thank you Animosity022

Thank you thestigma

yes, share files from Gdrive free or Team drive,

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