Google drive created data metadata missing again

Okay, an example was in the previous post. But let me try again.

  • I'm using rclone to sync from Google Drive.

  • I'm mounting the rclone remote using an autostart .desktop file. The .desktop file config is below:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=sh -c "rclone mount --daemon gdrive: /home/somename/gDrive --vfs-cache-mode full"

  • I use Obsidian to access the notes that are stored in Google Drive. I can access the files pretty nicely.

  • However, when creating a new note in Obsidian, the metadata for the created date is missing. So the date that the note pulls is from 1969. Please refer to the screenshot below to see that the "create" date is simply null.

Here is a test note where the date is default to 1969:

  • In the previous post, it was fixed by updating to the latest version of rclone. But when I tried to create a new note yesterday, the issue happened again. And it's unclear to me why it's happening.
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