Google Drive: Create shortcut from Folder IDs

Hi team,

Thanks for a great tool.

I have a list of separated folders that are shared from a community. I want to "link" them (create shortcut) to my drive rather than duplicating (copy) those contents to my drive. How can I do that? I did it manually for around 10+ folders and felt that it's not a right way!

I tried using rclone backend shortcut drive:/ FOLDER_ID my-shortcut but it doesn't support folder ID.

I think you can do that like this

rclone backend shortcut drive,root_folder_id=FOLDER_ID: / my-shortcut -o target=drive:


  • drive,root_folder_id=FOLDER_ID: refers to the root of the directory shared with you with the FOLDER_ID given
  • \ is therefor the root of that directory
  • -o target=drive: means make the shortcut in your normal drive not in the shared one

I didn't try that, but hopefully it will work!


Wow, It worked.

Thank you very much. Such a great tool. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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