Google drive config

Just for context: I'm trying to use rclone first time and cannot confirm anything except initial configuration works.

In Google drive ther is a section "Be aware that ... very scary confirmation screen...". I believe that scary scrren can be, and perhaps should be, avoided by adding your user to "Test users":
In Google APIs console with your app selected, select "OAuth consent screen" in left pane, scroll down in the right pane to "Test users", click "+ Add users". A dialog appears on right side - fill your google e-mail into the box and click on "SAVE" button.

hello and welcome to the forum,

thanks for the suggestion.

about that scary confirmation, it is not too scary
"but as this only happens during the remote configuration, it's not such a big deal"

not a gdrive expert but does this matter?
"Authorizations by a test user will expire seven days from the time of consent"

Hello and thanks for the comment, unfortunately I still have to find out what it means.

as far as i know, there have not been any posts about rcloners having problems the docs.

is there something about the rclone docs that is not accurate?

You were right, the test user expired.

I need to try that again and check if I did not miss anything in docs - I was not able to get in without adding the user, or I thought so, that's why I tried this route.

are you still have a problem that we can help with?

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