Google drive client ID error,Windows 7. Please help

I got rclone installed & mounted,set up right, it works. It was a real pain,definitely not user friendly at all. Only problem is that i have to use default rclone ID with gdrive/rclone, which makes everything much slower. because when i try make my own client ID i get this error(see image below) when i am at this link:

The config command i use is: "rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full gdrive:/ z:" And the rclone version i am using is: 1.61.1

Also, let me know if u need me to get a log for you, i didnt think it would help.



Try a different browser and see if it gets cleared. Also, remove the cache of the current browser if you try again on the same browser.


when rclone config opens the web browser.
--- copy and paste the url into your web browser using a new private window.
in my case, the url is

you can paste into a private window in using the same browser or open a private window with another web browser.

if that does not work, then when you first posted, there was a template of question, please answer them.
including a full debug log of rclone lsd gdrive: -vv

fwiw, no point in testing rclone mount, until a simpler command such as rclone lsd works.

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