Google drive chunk size when downloading?

Is there a way to configure the google drive chunk size when downloading with rclone copy/sync etc like we can when uploading?

Yes, and you use it :slight_smile:


This is rclone mount. I'm talking about rclone sync/copy

You can try to increase the buffer-size but that really doesn't do what you are asking.
You can use multi threaded downloads but that doesn't do what you want either.

You can use the mount to use a range request on a read but not sure that's actually doing what you want either.

Short answer, I misread the first post and no :slight_smile:

I just wanted to check if there was a way to speed up downloading speeds messing with chunk sizes, like we can uploading... it's fine

The only way I am aware of is using multi threaded/streamed downloads as you'd have multiple streams going on per download.

I love how everyday i can still learn new things about what rclone is capable off!

It seems the default is 4 threads and my files aren't that big (mostly 0-2GB) so I don't think I'l benefit that much more

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