Google Drive Ban low api calls

My google drive account was banned this morning while watching a show on plex, right in the middle. There wasn't a library update going on or anything. I used my own oauth keys to monitor and there wasn't a abnormal amount of api calls.

I use unionfs and have most of my library still on my system, but the show I was watching was on google drive.

yeah that happened to me also…i still dont know why. My only thought was maybe a maintenance task in plex caused it

Unfortunately I can rule that out, as I’ve disabled plex’s scheduled tasks.

Ok i got banned and i think the reason i got ban was not the number of calls but the total size of the uploaded files in the small space of time. i added a few movies and soon after the ban happended


I uploaded 31TB to Gdrive in less than 2 days and didn’t get banned.

I really do think it’s related more to file queries in a short amount of time, not API hits.

I don’t think uploading has anything to do with getting banned. You can be ‘banned’ and still be able to upload content. You can even access content via the web interface. It’s just a matter of actually downloading.

Right the Ban is only on downloading you can even move stuff around in the drive, you just can download hence plex playback will fail but scan still works.

yeah uploading to the cloud is not limited but downloading from it is.

I read somewhere here on the forums that when plex scans in the library each item triggers a download so to google it looks like a computer/bot is trying to download thousands of files all at once and it goes into a sort of protect/anti-abuse mode.