Google Drive API Limits

I got the infamous Error 403 Download Quota Exceeded error (nothing crazy, just my plex server and my backup destination). I waited 24 hours and everything started working fine, but it got me thinking: Are the undocumented API limits per google cloud project or per google cloud account?

I followed instructions to create my own credentials when I made the rclone remote, but I still got a 24 hr ban. If API limits are per project, I wonder what's to stop me from creating a separate project (and credentials) for the rare times when i get rate banned. I'd just use the --config flag to specify the alternate rclone config with the different creds.

If this worked, I have an idea for nifty workaround that could be merged into rclone's native functionality.

You aren't hitting API limits, you are hitting the daily upload and/or download quotas. The API limits are insanely huge like 1 billion a day.

Changing you client secret/app key doesn't impact the upload and download quotas nor would anything get implemented to circumvent the upload and download quotas.

Well I know for a fact I didn't hit upload limits, as uploads worked fine. And I dont think it's even possible to hit the download limit on my internet connection... Isn't it like 10tb download a day?

Unfortunately, there are many non documented limits per file / per account / per team drive / etc so it's really hard to say what you hit since it's not documented.

The only documented item I'm aware of 750GB upload per day.

That's the only one I'm aware of, as well. And since I didn't hit that (upload jobs continued with 0 errors), I wonder if I hit some undocumented limit. If I did, I wonder (since it's undocumented) if the limit is per account or per project.

As far as the download quota, I read somewhere that it was 10TB per day. I would have to max out my internet connection every second to even come close to hitting that. Since I don't really have that much data, I wonder what limit I hit.

That's the superb fun of undocumented things. Could be number of times opened. Could be number of times that file was downloaded. Could be a solar flare :slight_smile:

I've seen high volume users hit it a fair amount. There were some folks talking about edu accounts before. There were some folks talking about team drives. Without knowing for sure, it's just a lot of guessing and wondering.

I have my own drive and am a fairly light user and have never hit it.

Round and Round she goes,
Which limit she stops at, no one knows!

I got the errors again today. I have no idea how or why.

What does the Google api overview look like?

You'd want to check your audit log for that file in the GSuite admin and see how many times you've grabbed that file.

The API console is pretty much irrelevant as you are not hitting an API limit.

I know i was just answering someone else's question.

As far as the download limit, I tested on a file that had not been downloaded and it was still throwing the error.

Did you check the GSuite Audit log for that file?

Well it's 100% crypt, so I'm not sure how to identify it in the log.

You can decode it:

felix@gemini:/GD$ rclone cryptdecode gcrypt: mounted --reverse
mounted          95tj3q4gj5ban13ppu0kisguco
felix@gemini:/GD$ rclone lsf GD:crypt

As an example.

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