Google Drive: Add caption track

So Google Drive has a feature to add captions, or subtitles to their videos, if the subtitle track is in .SRT or .SUB format. I'm just surprised rClone hasn't managed to do this so far - is there a way to add a way to use it from the command line?

what is it you want rclone to do?
can you be more specific?

Sure - it would be good if rclone could add a subtitle track to a video, or multiple at the same time. For example, an --add-subtitle-track to the video with the same name (before the extension) as the caption track.

rclone copy /path/to/local/folder/ --include=thevideo.* remote:

There is a specific google drive feature that adds the subtitle track to the video. The command you mentioned would only copy the subtitle track to google drive, not embed it in the video itself.

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