Google Drive "abusing"

i use the combination of Wasabi and AWS S3 deep glacier

for 1TB/Month

DOS= $20
Wasabi= $6
AWS S3 Deep Glacier= $1

AWS S3 Deep Glacier any good for streaming websites or just for personal backup!

backup only, for long term storage,
expensive to read the data.

how much data/media do you want to stream?

20 to 50 gb per day (some times 100 gb)! I think Digital Ocean is good for me! but don't know how to connect digital ocean spces cdn with rclone (that's why open a topic) ! Cause direct end point api calls seems to be more expensive & there are some rate limit too!

btw this is bandwidth only! I nevermind with files!

if you are having a problem, best to start a new topic, using help and support and provide all the requested information.

Only want to request CDN cached files - DigitalOcean Spaces CDN with rclone mount --daemon - Help and Support - rclone forum

Right now I pay 12$ a month for unlimited. I have ALWAYS been willing to pay 60$ per month for unlimited. That's what I assumed it would be changed to (because that's what the policy claimed was true, they just weren't enforcing the 5 user limit).

The thing is though if they jack the price up to 100$ on me, and they rephrase unlimited to "as much as needed" I'm not going to trust that 100$ AT ALL. Especially since they're not even advertising the enterprise per user price of 20$/month anywhere. I can only see it because I'm already a business customer.

MAYBE if they were advertising the enterprise prices publicly? Sure, I'd be down to consider paying 100$ a month. But they're being hella shady about it. On top of that for 100$ a month I don't want to put up with 750GB a day bandwidth limits.

Seriously considering the move to dropbox, even if dropbox will cost 60$ for as much as you need, just because dropbox won't have pulled a bait and switch on me ever in my history.

Main worry with dropbox is api calls. Google drive users complain about api limits on all the time, BUT rclone works around those issues and functions. A lot of other filehosters like say have like 90% lower api limits than even google drive, so I'm always a bit paranoid that whatever competitor I move to, will offer unlimited storage but such limited api calls that you can never use it.