Google Docs revision / version history?

This is not about Google Drive revisions. It's about Google Docs. Clicking 'All changes saved' or similarly named link presents the document's version history.

It'd be nice to somehow include the versions (bonus points for who edited) in downloads. I don't really have an idea on how it'd be sane. Personally, with dedupe and snapshots being a thing, I wouldn't mind a copy of each.

That's all I have to say. It'd be cool, but I don't really see anybody developing it.

When you download it? When you rclone ls it? You want to download other versions?

Can you share an example of what the use case is and what it looks like?

Can you get it from the drive API? Rclone isn't really a google docs tool, it is a google drive tool and doesn't have access to the google docs API.

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