Google docs native format

I need rclone to download google docs as small text files containg file id.
I always use browser to edit my documents.
The name shold have prefix
Like *.gdoc, *.gsheet, *.map etc.

Also files with the same name should get an indexnumber after the filename.

Will those options be added to rclone?

There are already so many Google Drive specific flags to do various reasonable things (like how to download Drive native files and conversion) but, unless what you are asking is the "native" format (I don't think it is), this seems way out of scope for rclone. See formats

Have you read that section?

Google documents can also be exported as link files. These files will open a browser window for the Google Docs website of that document when opened. The link file extension has to be specified as a --drive-export-formats parameter. They will match all available Google Documents.

yes i have read it and also tested it. It does not differentiate the file prefix so its not what i was looking for.
It was possible to find the original file url in the text though.
I would like similar, but the file prefix must show what kind of google document that the link goes to.
rclone is a great tool, but when i comes to gdocs i do like to edit them in the browser.

Here is a few examples of a file content i would like.
'{"url": "Google Drive: Sign-in", "doc_id": "1XBP9SynwOE_Q0JnNXkW3A4aca7Yx4ItoPDDoOQOtBDE", "email": "*******"}'
'{"url": "Google Drive: Sign-in", "doc_id": "15egTG6duc0czHYoxxM0mA4SjagFYOmPa7qnUVnt8UVU", "email": "********"}'
I have made a small python program that pull the link information, and open a browser when i double click on the file. i could do the same for link files. But its a problem that all documents convertet to a link file will have the same ending.

In short all i need from any gdoc is what type of gdoc as a file prefix.
and inside the file i need the doc_id
and of couse the "filename" before the prefix.
That would make it possible to open any google document in a browser.

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