Google DFS : Can't copy (by script) from local to the root of a drive

Hi everybody,

I have a problem to make a copy from a local folder to the root of a Drive.

I have to migrate all of my Mac user from Google Drive Sync to google Drive File Stream and I have a script to do that.

All of my local part of my script is ok, but the copy from local to drive doesn’t work.
I have a google service account to do it, and I want to do it in impersonate (automatic script for each computer)

This is the part of my script, it copy something but not in the account which is connect on DFS.

/Library/Preferences/rClone/rclone --drive-impersonate service@account.domaine --config=/Library/Preferences/rClone/Config.conf copy "/Users/"$USER"/Desktop/Backup/" Config: --log-file="/Systools/Logs/Test.log" --log-level=INFO --transfers=8

I don’t know where is copying and how can I copy on the right account.

Can you help me ?
Thanks !

Is it giving errors or is the copy going through OK?

If it is giving errors can you post them?

I would have thought that the files will be ending up in the Google drive of service@account.domaine - I don’t know what a Drive File Stream is though!

I don’t have any error

    2018/05/15 11:34:33 INFO  : Google drive root '': Modify window is 1ms
    2018/05/15 11:34:35 INFO  : Google drive root '': Waiting for checks to finish
    2018/05/15 11:34:35 INFO  : Google drive root '': Waiting for transfers to finish
    2018/05/15 11:34:35 INFO  : FR-C02QDQNRG940/.DS_Store: Copied (replaced existing)
    2018/05/15 11:34:35 INFO  : 
    Transferred:   16.004 kBytes (6.635 kBytes/s)
    Errors:                 0
    Checks:                 7
    Transferred:            1
    Elapsed time:        2.4s

In fact, I’m not sure to copy on the right folder.

I have to use this script on all of my Mac parc. Before to launch it, I can’t know what is the google account on which I will make the copy.

Do you know how can I find it somewhere to put this account on my script ?

I think also, I copied on the service account folder at this time.

Did you run through these docs: ?

It looks like you are doing the right thing with --drive--impersonate and a service account. I’m not sure why it isn’t working though.

I found how have I to write on the right folder…

Instead of my service account, I put the target account.
But I have an other problème now… How can I find the local user email address.

Thank you to helpded me !
Bye !

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