Google Compute for "trial" use?

I want to copy all my ACD not crypted to my ACD but crypting all of them…

Is possible to use google compute free trial to do a sync?

rclone sync ACD: ACDcrypt: (at the same ACD account)

When I go to google compute trial I see a loooot of options to get the trial… some help?

Yes you can sync like that from acd: to acdcrypt:.

Yes you can use google compute free trial, just visit this link and create new VM

Hi Cindakil,

The Google Cloud Platform is great. They provide $300 of trial credits to use on thier platform. However, I do NOT recommend using GCS to transfer large amounts of data. The reason is you could reach the end of your trial without having transferred all your data. If your account is not set to upgrade, you will be stuck and forced to pay for the account upgrade.

If you have less than 10TB of data, you should be okay. But Google does charge for ingress/egress data (might be one and not the other). In my experience on GCS, bandwidth is more expensive than the vms themselves.

If you have more than 10TB I would use something like Digital Ocean as they do not charge for bandwidth.

All that being said, GCS has incredibly fast speeds in their us-central-1b location. I would try spawning instances there first. Make sure to set your hard drive to ssd when spawning as the default hdd drives have horrible performance (30-80mb/s).

If you do upgrade your account be careful! I was charged over $500 because Google takes their sweet time updating their billing statistics for ingress/egress traffic and I was doing quite a bit of data transfer.


Thanks both for the hrlp!!

I’m creaing the new VM but I see that they have a lot of configurations… what do you recommend me?

The default one just change OS

No need to change anything

I would change the HDD to SSD under Boot Disk —> Change —> Boot Disk Type —> SSD

You will max out the I/O of a low size hdd and be bottle necked. For whatever reason, you only get the full speed of the hard drive by spawning very large drives. Small hard drive disks on Google have terrible performance.

If its just for copy/sync, there is no disk I/O’s everything goes trough ram.

Thanks again for the help!

With the default config I get 50Mbps aprox. with 25 transfers.
If I put more RAM i get 100Mbps with the same 25 trasnfers.

Is it fine or I making some mistake?

I get 45mbps max. So that sounds about right

I just started using it yesterday to copy from ACD to GDrive and with 10 transfers it’s averaging 550Mbps

Sorry to revive this thread but I just want to make sure: if I don’t click “upgrade” and I’m transferring about 2 TB of data on a standard / 2 vcpu / us-east1-b instance, it’s unlikely I’ll be charged, correct? Any way to keep track of billing other than possibly setting alerts? In your experience, how often is the billing status updated?


EDIT: This verbiage seems to indicate that there are no charges if you don’t upgrade: “You should be aware that if you do not upgrade to a paid account after the free trial ends, your Google Compute Engine resources might be removed. Removed resources are not recoverable.”

FINAL EDIT: It looks like this is free. See

Ingress: No charge
Egress* to the same zone: No charge
Egress to Google products (such as YouTube, Maps, Drive), whether from a VM in GCP with a external IP address or an internal IP address: No charge

Right now I’m uploading to a drive IP in the same DC, which I assume qualifies as the same zone (plus it’s a Google product).

Did you ever get charged for data uploading to drive as part of your ‘credit’ for the trial?

I don’t think so. I was charged <$2 and moved about 5 TB of data from non crypt to crypt within the same google account (don’t think that matters). VM was up for maybe 12 hours.

EDIT: I have a few line items that look like this:

Network Google Egress from Americas to Americas	
Compute Engine	
1.655,19 gibibyte	
0,00 $	
0,00 $

Also, I was charged an hour for a few test instances I ran which is why it probably went over $1, looks like I was charged 90 cents (60 cpu, 30 ram) for the instance that did most of the work.

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