Google cloud optimization

How exactly does rclone for google cloud storage work? If, for example, I set up coldline storage, rclone optimizes the backup somehow? How does that also work with operations A or B ?

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rclone can copy files to GCS coldline.
rclone has many features to control exactly what is copied.

for example,
rclone copy /path/to/local/files gcs:

Yes I know, but google charges for early changes to backups. How does rclone work in this case? For example, does coldline only make changes every 3 months?

it depends on your use-case, when a file is deleted, what happens to it.
--- becomes a version - google will charge a fee
--- file is deleted - google will charge a pro-rated fee for the deleted file,
based on the days left in the retention period.

to prevent rclone from overwriting an existing file in gcs,
rclone copy --immutable

for my use-case, most files are large veeam .vbk/.vib, once uploaded, it will never change
--- recent backups are stored in wasabi, s3 clone known for hot storage
rclone copy --immutable
--- older backups are stored in aws s3 deep glacier, same concept as coldline.
on a schedule, rclone move from wasabi to aws.


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